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Want to understand why Facebook is not a friendly place for conservatives?  Here’s part of the reason.  This is a story from the Daily Caller:

Notre Dame profiled one of its graduates Tuesday who is employed at Facebook and compared working at a rape crisis center to combating hate speech on the social media platform.


Kaitlin Sullivan is Facebook’s product policy manager and got hired after helping author a statement on hate speech for the social media site. Notre Dame profiled Sullivan, who earned a degree in political science and philosophy, politics and economics at the school before working for Facebook.

“I did service in a rape crisis center,” Sullivan told Notre Dame. “Gender-based violence is a huge issue in our country and around the world.”

Sullivan related the work that she did at the center to her current job at Facebook.

“When I came to Facebook, there were kind of issues to do with misogyny and gender-based hate speech on Facebook and I started a small project that turned into my current job,” Sullivan said. “Still working on safety, still working on bringing people together in communities just in an online world that’s much bigger than the small community I was working with in my service role.”


Here are a couple of her anti-Trump tweets that reveal what a radical she is, who, ironically, is engaging in actual ‘hate speech.’  But remember, hate speech is ok when it supports the anti-human progresive agenda.

How safe do you feel knowing that Facebook hires far left extremist, anti-human, anti-civil progressives like Claire S Gould to determine if your speech qualifies as ‘hate speech?’
Maybe Facebook’s days are numbered, folks, if they keep hiring hate-mongerers like this woman.