Author: Ivo Fisic

Charlottesville Mayor Run out of Town Hall With Chants of “Blood on Your Hands” – VIDEO

The Mayor of Charlottesville may have been intentionally creating an opportunity for violence, some people believe.  They let him know just how strongly they believed that at a recent Town Hall meeting when they chanted “Blood on your Hands” at the estranged Mayor.  Mind you, these aren’t alt righters or conservatives, these are the same people that were part of the counter protest to the so-called “Unite the Right Rally.”  Below is a video of the Town Hall Meeting. from ‘Blood On Your Hands’ Charlottesville Mayor Flees As Protesters Storm Town Hall [VIDEO] Signer, Vice Mayor Wes Bellamy, and...

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Bannon Out

Matt Drudge is reporting in his “siren alert” that Steve Bannon is out of the White House.  He might be returning to Breitbart, according to the report.  Here is the...

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Militant Anti-Trumper, Ana Navarro, Declares Trump Not “Fit to be Human”

Everyone’s favorite token “Republican” and militant anti-Trumper, Ana Navarro, went on Crap News Network this weekend and declared that not only is President Trump unfit to be President, he’s unfit to be a human being.  That is the kind of demonnizing, hateful rhetoric that is directly leading to violence in our country todaay.  But, no check so far on this violence-inciting speech from Navarro.  Hate Speech is ok when it targets our President, I guess.

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