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Byron Cook Sued For Removing Republican Activist From Capitol

State Representative Byron Cook is being sued by Republican activist Amy Hedtke for having her physically removed from the Texas Capitol…..

Following this event Norred Law, PLLC has taken up Amy Hedtke’s case and filed a law suit naming State Representative Byron Cook, Sergeant-At-Arms David Sauceda, and Director of the Texas Department of Public Safety, Steve McCraw, as defendants all in their official capacity.

Hedtke is seeking a temporary injunction upon Cook before the start of the Texas Special Session to require obedience to the Open Meetings Act. Cook is expected to use Section 11 of Article 3 in his defense.

“Each House may determine the rules of its own proceedings, punish members for disorderly conduct, and, with the consent of two-thirds, expel a member, but not a second time for the same offense.”

The Open Meetings Act gives no special dispensation for the Texas legislature, but rather specifically mentions them as being subject to the law. The court may not just be deciding this case, but create a precedent for the entire Open Meetings Act to be thrown out, an act Byron Cook actually voted to pass.

No reason was given to Hedtke on why only credentialed press would be allowed to record the open committee hearing. Perhaps Texans will learn the reason in court.

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