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Chelsea Handler took to twitter this weekend to OPENLY call  for a military coup against President Trump.  Not even the leftist publication The Daily Beast could back up that level of crazy.



The Daily Beast did a surprising article with the headline, “Chelsea Handler’s Twitter Feed Has Officially Gone Off the Rails.” In some ways, it defended her (because liberals can’t entirely disavow their wealthy propaganda pushers) and said, “Handler is understandably unnerved by how precarious everything in this country feels right now. Who could blame her?”

The author, Matt Wilstein, tried to gently tell Chelsea that now is not the time to go flying off the handle and stated, “More than ever, the #Resistance has to avoid sinking to President Trump’s level. . . When Trump goes low, the answer is not to call for a military coup.” But this begs the question: what is the purpose of the #Resistance anyway?

In the past week, Handler also called for restrictions on free speech, saying there should be laws against people who make racist comments. However, if these restrictions should exist, then shouldn’t there be restrictions against those who try to incite internal military violence?