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Abortion Extremist, Anti-Marriage, Anti-Male “Feminist” Gloria Steinam is attacking Ivanka Trump, claiming Ivanka can’t be a feminist unless she supports murdering unborn children and supporting using the State to force businesses to give “maternity leave” to adoptive parents and fathers (nevermind that maternity leave is SPECIFICALLY about having time off to recover from the birth of a child and take care of that child in the first few weeks).



Ivanka, 35, has stated several times that she considers herself to be a feminist, telling Harper’s Bazaar in August: ‘I am. Absolutely.’

However, Ms. Steinem — one of the most iconic voices of modern feminism — thinks Ivanka may talk the talk, but she doesn’t walk the walk.

A feminist, she told Refinery29, is someone ‘who believes in the full equality of the sexes’.

She explained that despite Ivanka’s claim that she is feminist, her actions and public statements don’t actually line up with feminist dogma.

‘I have not seen her standing up and saying women should have a right to control their own bodies and decide when and whether to have children,’ she said.

Specifically, she added, ‘I saw her being interviewed by Cosmopolitan, and she was asked about her maternity leave policy, but it’s only if you physically give birth. It’s not for adoptive parents, not for fathers.’