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Trump is so evil he refused to touch a disabled boys hand. Atleast that’s what VERY FAKE NEWS is going to tell you. JK Rowling tweeted about it saying how cruel Trump was. She has now deleted her Tweets after days of being wrong.

JK Rowling had written: “Trump imitated a disabled reporter. Now he pretends not to see a child in a wheelchair, as though frightened he might catch his condition.


What happened to, “I must not tell lies?”

Others came to Trump’s defense, like Piers Morgan with this tweet:
I’m not squirming.
But I will keep on this until she deletes those tweets. Using a disabled boy to falsely smear someone is disgraceful. …

Morgan also penned a column for the Daily Mail on Monday that ripped Rowling for not correcting her error.

“She is telling her millions of young impressionable Potter fans that it’s absolutely fine to lie and never correct or apologise for a lie – after spending the past two years telling them that Trump is disgusting because he lies and never corrects or apologises for his lies,” Morgan wrote.

Rita Panahi ✔ @RitaPanahi
Replying to @jk_rowling
.@jk_rowling even the child’s mother has pleaded with you to retract your ugly lies. But you be you..

Tim Montgomerie ن ✔ @montie
Very poor of @jk_rowling not to have admitted her error. Trump’s many flaws don’t justify untruthful attacks …

Brian Cates ✔ @drawandstrike
Replying to @drawandstrike @jk_rowling
Again: Trump gave that child more personal attention than anybody else standing there behind the podium.

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