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They came, the y saw, they crapped.  From washed up pop stars like Madonna threatening to blow up the White House to washed up move stars like Ashley Judd accusing Donald Trump of having wet dreams about his daughter, the trash coming out of the mouths of these self-professed Nasty Women was thick and smelly.  But, not only did these champions of baby murder, these paradigms of female supremacism spew trash, they left it as well.  Their Nasty Woman signs, trash, half-eaten food was littered everywhere they gathered, leaving the tax-paying citizens of DC to foot the bill to clean up their mess.  Seems kind of fitting though, given how overwhelmingly Democrat that city is, that people who constantly vote for other people to pay for other people’s trash should have to now foot the bill to pay for the trash of one of their own members of the progressive hate machine.