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ESPN is continuing its SJW push, this time capitalizing off an unfortunate vandalism of superstar Lebron James’ Los Angeles home.  The gate of the star’s home was spray painted with the N word.
Certainly, THAT is an actual demonstration of racism, but Lebron goes beyond his spray-painted gate to insinuate that racism is rampant in America.  The quote starts at about the 1:32 mark of the video.  He said, “No matter how much money you got, no matter how famous you are, no matter how many people admire you, at the end of the day being a black man in America is very frightening and it lets us know we’ve got so much further, so much further to go to be equal in this county.”
The multimillionaire must be living in a Progressive Hate bubble to believe the actual words that came out of his mouth.  And it is THIS kind of talk that is contributing to the spread of hate in America.  So, Lebron, our condolences on having that happen to your home. It is a vile and racist thing that happened, but shame on you for exploiting this incident to spread lies and hate to the rest of America, especially to the black community.
LeBron James sits down with Rachel Nichols to shed light on racism in America and how he and his family are handling the racial slurs that were written on his Los Angeles home.

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