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Not even liberal constitutional scholars see any there in the Donald JR ‘scandal’



If you aren’t convinced then check out what this liberal constitutional scholar has to say about it.

From Weasel Zippers via The Daily Caller:

Liberal constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley laid to rest many of the claims Tuesday from the media and politicos of illegality and collusion surrounding Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a “Kremlin-connected” lawyer.

Turley, a legal scholar at George Washington University, batted away claims of criminality, asking “does any of this constitute a clear crime or even a vague inkblot image of a crime?” His answer: no, not on the facts.

Nice to see that some liberals out there haven’t completely lost touch with reality.

What Trump Jr. didn’t break the law. Heck, it wasn’t even really wrong. Campaigns gather oppo research all the time and there was no information exchanged.


Liberal Constitutional Scholar Just DISMANTLED Media’s Trump Jr. Russia Collusion Hysteria


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