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By Tricia Cunningham
Our grassroots movement is going to continue our groundswell state by state. The focus now is Pennsylvania! We sent a clear message to Washington DC that we want to #Draintheswamp and after making Pennsylvania RED for the first time since 1988 we CANNOT allow #NeverTrumper Val DiGiorgio the State GOP Chairman position. The only candidate who supported President Trump’s agenda from day one is Lawrence Tabas. He has fought hard to win the election recount lawsuits, has sacrificed his time and efforts for Conservative values in our great state for over 3 decades and promises to continue a new future for the GOP party, and we need your help too. Stay tuned!

PA Deplorables! The Trump Revolution is in jeopardy in PA! Stand by…

The nevertrumpers are trying to force their candidate in as the chairman of the state GOP!

We are going to give you the names and contact information of state committee members, the name of a Trump supporting candidate, and a script to follow to urge these people to support our candidate and not the nevertrumper!

If you live in PA, find and call your state committee person. If you don’t live in PA, we’ll ask you to share that post with your PA friends!

We have 9 days from NOW to organize a campaign to stop this!