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Progressive tears are about to flow again.

It pains me to report this, but, apparently, the Obama gang is majorly crushed about the possibility that President Trump will leave the Paris Accord.  Without the US, the accord is essentially dead, and hey, unless you don’t love one-world governments (and that’s totally crazy, who thinks that?), that’s got to be pretty devastiting news for you.
But then again…yeah…I’ll have another round of progressive tears, thanks.

From Breitbart


Former aides to former President Barack Obama reacted sorrowfully to the news that President Donald Trump would withdraw from the Paris Climate agreement, sharing their feelings on Twitter.

“Malicious idiocy derived from willful ignorance motivated by avarice,” Obama’s former senior advisor Dan Pfeiffer wrote, reacting to the news.

“Have been in two European cities today. News is all Paris. Vibe is mournful,” wrote Obama’s former speechwriter Cody Keenan. “Feels like U.S. giving up 75 years of global leadership.”

Keenan also wrote that Trump would be “cursed and loathed” by future generations because of his decision.

Obama’s former National Security advisor Susan Rice also indicated her disappointment.

“The cumulative effect of Trump policies, capped by his foolish, tragic Paris decision = abdication of America’s global leadership,” she wrote. “Shame!”

“Trump destroying ability of any US President, including himself, to garner long term international commitments on anything,” wrote Jesse Lee, a former White House director of rapid response. “Make[s] US word meaningless.”