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Susan Rice, John Brennan, and have all been supoenaed to testify at a Senate Hearing investigation the REAL scandal, the Obama/Comey spying campaign against Team Trump.  The hearing is designed to get to the bottom of the unmasking of names that violated Federal Law.

Susan Rice, John Brennan, and Samantha Power Subpoenaed to Testify on Unmasking
Samantha Power?


She was the Ambassador to the UN with no role in counter-intelligence — why would she be requesting unmaskings?

Maybe the Republicans are just crazy!

Or, maybe they know something.

Skip to 2:04 in this clip to see Trey Gowdy ask John Brennan if any ambassadors had requested unmasking. And do take note of John Brennan’s carefully worded “I don’t know,” as he seems to scramble to figure out a way to avoid answering without earning a perjury rap. He allows “maybe it rings a vague bell,” then claims he can’t recall.

Maybe it rings a vague bell? Are you kidding me?

Here’s what I think “maybe it rings a vague bell” means — “Yes, I am aware of an ambassador requesting unmaskings, but I’m shocked as hell that you are aware of it, and I’m completely unprepared to give an answer that accomplishes my goal of evasion without exposing me to prosecution, so I’m going to do a word-salad jazz odyssey of non-denial denial and fake a senior moment.”

Andrew McCarthy offers his analysis.