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Trey Gowdy Finds Out DNC Server Was Never Turned Over To Law Enforcement & He’s Pissed

So they say they were hacked right? but the server was never turned over so how would anyone know.. this is the smoking gun that blows the russian narrative out of the water. This single line of statements proves without a shadow of a doubt that dnc server was never ever looked at at all this is breaking news and latest news in politics and in news today and trey gowdy russia investigation and trump russia collusion and president trump, president donald trump has been asking congress to look into these matters thoroughly so has the public trump collusion and trump russia is what everyone is talking about, this is trey gowdy news and trey gowdy today trey gowdy interviews jeh johnson former dhs secretary trey gowdy trump investigation is going on smoothly we will see where it goes this is trey gowdy news and trey gowdy new video on russia collusion and russia investigation


original air date: 6/21 /2017

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