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As Tropical Storm Don, described Monday as “small,” “short-lived” and “not particularly well organized,” weakens in the Atlantic Ocean while drifting toward the Caribbean, another storm may be brewing in the eastern Pacific Ocean.

If Tropical Depression Eight-E reaches tropical storm status, it will likely be named Hilary.


Those names should sound familiar ― if you’ve had access to the internet, a newspaper or have a general concern for the future of the country.

But, no, some snarky weather agency staffer did not name the storms as a tribute to President Donald Trump and his sworn nemesis former Democratic presidential rival Hillary Clinton.

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While Tropical Storm Don weakens in the Atlantic, Tropical Storm Hilary is about to form in the Pacific:
11:24 AM – 18 Jul 2017
Photo published for Disturbed weather in Atlantic grows into Tropical Storm Don, but has bleak future
Disturbed weather in Atlantic grows into Tropical Storm Don, but has bleak future
A tropical storm warning is posted for Grenada, and a tropical storm watch for Barbados, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and

Despite sarcastic political tweets that suggest otherwise, those storm names were thrust together by sheer fate.

The National Hurricane Center assigns names to tropical storms and hurricanes using a predetermined list of names managed by the World Meteorological Organization. The Atlantic and Pacific Oceans have six lists of names each, which are put on a six-year rotation, unless any of the names are retired following an especially damaging storm.

Tropical Storms Don And Hilary Are Swirling The Seas, And It’s Pure Coincidence

This is fate’s way of reminding us of the wild ride of American politics.