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Rep. Lou Correa, (D-Santa Ana was holding a townhall for illegal aliens, which was really a workshop teaching them how to break the law. The townhall was shut down when Trump supporters entered and the Correa crowd turned violent.

Illegal alien pandering Congressman Lou Correa (D-Santa Ana, sanctuary city in California) hosted an illegal alien town hall on May 30, 2017.
The goal? Teach ilegal aliens and their enablers how to avoid federal law enforcement and deportation.

Americans, citizens, patriots from all over Southern California showed up to put this man on notice and shouted down the lawless assembly. Angry citizens shouted at the Congressman then forced him to shut down his meeting.


Look at Lou run! Run, Lou, Run!

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From Breitbart

Trump supporters turned the tables on Democrats in California and disrupted a Santa Ana Congressman’s “Immigration Workshop” on Tuesday evening—resulting in the arrest of one ANTIFA protestor, who allegedly physically assaulted one of the Trump supporters.
According to Santa Ana Police Department Cmdr. Matt Sorenson, interviewed in the Orange County Register, a fight broke out between two women at the Delhi Center, Tuesday, May 30, resulting in the room being cleared by police, and later the arrest of one protester outside.

The event was hosted by Rep. Lou Correa, (D-Santa Ana), at the [Delhi] center […and] was scheduled to run from 6 to 8 p.m., according to a post on Correa’s Facebook page. Correa listed Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA), World Relief Garden Grove and the Mexican Consulate as also taking part in the town hall.”

In an interview with Los Angeles NBC local affiliate (NBC 4), Correa claimed that the meeting was disrupted by “Trump supporters angry over immigration.”

“I completely support the right of all parties to exercise their first amendment rights,” said Correa, who represents California’s 46th congressional district that includes Anaheim and Santa Ana, in a statement reported by the OC Register. “However, I urge people to act responsibly and refrain from violence.”

Multiple news accounts referenced “violence” but failed to clarify that the only arrest was made for an assault by an ANTIFA protestor against a member of the anti-illegal immigration activist group known as “We the People Rising, (WTPR)” who showed up to peacefully monitor and protest the “subversive” “Immigration Workshop and Townhall,” according to Executive Director of WTPR, Robin Hvidston.

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, Hvidston explained that the “Immigration Workshop” as it was being advertised was originally scheduled to feature a controversial slide presentation by CHIRLA, which “instructs illegal aliens how to respond to immigration authorities in order to avoid arrest and deportation.”

“It’s subversive,” Hvidston told Breitbart News. “Teaching illegal aliens how to avoid detection by ICE at a meeting being held under the seal of a US Congressman is wrong.”

A snippet of the slide presentation is featured on CHIRLA’s website, where illegal aliens are instructed to hand immigration authorities a card stating:

“I am giving you this card because I do not wish to speak to you or have any further contact with you. I choose to exercise my constitutional right to remain silent and refuse to answer your questions. If you arrest me, I will continue to exercise my right to remain silent and to refuse to answer your questions. I want to speak to a lawyer before answering your questions. I would like to contact this attorney or Organization: [followed by a blank line]